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Jagat Engineers manufactures keys like parallel key, square key, Rect key, woodruff keys, Gib-Head keys as per I.S. 2048, 2710, 2293, 2294 & B.S. 46 Part - 1, DIN 6881 to 6888 & ASTM Standards or as per customer's specification and drawings. Our keys are ground to required tolerance (h9) and well chamfered all over for ease of an assembly. So if you standardized key and keyways then your assemblies can go much faster without any problems or fitter's down time. We are using EN-8 / EN-9 Material. (High Tensile Steel)


We have ready stock of almost all sizes of WOODRUFF KEYS as per I.S. 2294 & B.S. 46 Part 1, DIN-6888.


We have all ready stock of 3 x 3mm sq, 4 x 4mm sq, 5 x 5mm sq, 6 x 6mm sq, 8 x 7mm, 10 x 8mm, 12 x 8mm, 14 x 9mm, 16 x 10mm, 18 x 11mm, 20 x 12mm & onwards as per I.S. 2048, 2710, in length of 200mm long, for ready use for maintenance or YOU CAN CUT TO YOUR REQUIRED LENGTH & fit-well immediately for small quantity requirement.


We hope that you will register our name on your approved supplier list and send us your regular requirement of different size of keys as and when required.

Industrial & Automobile Keys

Jagat Engineers offers machine keys of all types; square, flat and parallel, woodruff keys, gib-head keys per I.S. 2048, 2292, 2293, 2294 and 2710, DIN 6881 to 6888, ASTM and B.S. 46 Part-I, Size range from 3 x 3 mm to 50 x 28 mm; flat parallel keys with all sides ground to required tolerance and well chamfered all over for ease of assembly for 10 mm to 300 mm dia shaft key-ways. The keys are used for transmitting loads in electric motors, pumps, coupling, pulleys, valves, textile machineries, agriclutural machineries, chemical plants, machine tools of all types and other rotating parts. Woodruff keys are used in compressors, two wheelers, three wheelers, cars, trucks, tractors and gearboxes in all type of machineries. Special keys are made from stainless steel, EN-24, EN-19 materials for shock loading transmissions apart from standard EN-8/9 keys with high tensile steel material. Maintenance purpose kit is also available for quick repairs and breakdown jobs.


Please let us know your specific requirement of keys or enquiry to enable us to quote our most competitive offer.


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